Learn Network Marketing for Export Business find export buyer

Learn Network Marketing for Export Business find export buyer

Learn Network Marketing for Export Business find export buyer

Export Business is part of international trade and for that, you need to Learn Network Marketing for Export Business find export buyer.

Today i will try to make this concept clear in an easy way because network means a group of traders like sellers and buyers for particular products or some group of products.

In the world right now network marketing is the finest concept for increasing business wroth or expansion of any business but in India right now this concept is not much more usable as a business tool.

Where the world’s largest universities right now introducing and running a separate course on network marketing for business growth but India still its like an unknown weapon.

MLM – Multilevel Marketing is one of the concepts that Indian people linked with Network marketing but in the real sense it’s completely different from MLM concept.

Network means your personal business line up that can expand your business with the support of the group of businesses.So it’s really much more important if you want to start and make successful your export business than you must use the concept of network marketing.

I am chetan kumar verma – International biz Consultant and till now I shared this concept with many exporters and believe me all that got the benefit of the concept.

Finding buyer – Search International buyer is hard work as we all know about this thing but you know using a network marketing concept you can make it easier and can speed up your business other than your exporter competitors.

I already upload a special video on How to use Network Marketing in Export business – I will provide you the different links of that video but before that, you need to understand few basic concepts of network marketing.

Steps to implement Network Marketing in Export Business-

  1. Select your product
  2. Get complete knowledge about your product
  3. Look up Maximum Production destination of your product
  4. Now look up Maximum Demanding Countries for your product
  5. Start Making your Your Seller network of product
  6. Now start Making Buyer Network of Your Product
  7. Use Social Media To connect with Buyer and Seller
  8. Use Your website to Connection
  9. Make a proper List of Buyer and seller
  10. Make all B2B business Profiles worldwide

SO by the few steps, you can easily make your perfect netwrok for your export business.

Best Export Product Netwrok Marketing Products –

  1. Food Products Export
  2. Agriculture Product Export
  3. Spices Product Export
  4. Rice – Basmati, Non-Basmati Export
  5. Handicraft Product Export
  6. Electronic Products Export
  7. Readymade Garments Product Export
  8. Meat Products Export

Decide the best Export Payment Mode for Export Business

  1. Advance Payment for export
  2. Letter of Credit System for Export
  3. DP – DA Payment system for export

For your Export Business We started a new Trade web –


  1. Sign up on the – www.klickexim.com
  2. Upload your product with info
  3. Share it with your Social Structure
  4. Wait for Free Export buyer lead and data

Watch the video for more deep understanding –

Network Marketing Concept क्या है | How to Use in Export Business | Network Marketing क्या है

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