Get 100% Advance Payment in Export business | 5+ tip for export business

Get 100% Advance Payment in Export business 5+ tip for export business

Chetan Kumar Verma
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Hi, my name is Chetan Kumar Verma from The Biz Solution India Exporter Team, India. I work as a CEO of Kliicksetup Business Solution OPC Pvt Ltd – Notes Book Publication LLP – The Biz Solution – India Exporter and many more. With this blog I’d like to share all about International Trade,Mandatory Export Import Registration , Top Buyer Countries for Indian Products Export , Starter Support for Export Import Business. 

I do hope this little information could give you a little bigger benefit for learning things about international trade, as a handbook for you. All I want from you after reading my posts is share your thoughts by leaving comments below each post.

Get 100% Advance Payment in Export business | 5+ tip for export business

Learn Today how to Get 100% Advance Payment in Export business | 5+ tip for export business in this article.

एक्सपोर्ट में किसका पैसा डूबता है और क्यों डूबता है ?

Is Advance Payment best method of payment in an export trade? What type of terms of payment I can use in Export business?

Advance payment the Best method of terms for an exporter/seller/shipper.

Most of the beginners of export business may worry about the export payment. Because, unlike other domestic business, you are dealing with a buyer who situates thousands of km away from your office crossing borders of your country.  You may or may not know the financial condition or credit position of  your buyer.  You may not be meeting the buyer personally at starting stage, may not be  aware of the specific policy of trade of buyer’s country, no idea about political status or natural calamity chances of the region etc .

Yes, the 100% Advance payment in export is safe business in any business especially in export business is nothing but receiving advance payment. However, in this present competitive world, you do not expect advance payment from the export buyer in all cases unless your export product attracts some specific reasons to pay you advance payment by your export buyer.

With a exporter point of view, an 100% advance payment is the safe payment mode for any business including export business . Receiving amount of shipment in advance helps exporter in various ways to plan his export financial activities easily. However with a buyer’s point of view, advance payment carries little bit risk, as he making advances payment before dispatch of export products. Advance payment of term in exports and imports is opted by a buyer only when he knows the seller in details on genuineness as a seller.

Now everything depends on the Genuineness of Exporter – here i am trying to explain you how you can perform better in export business -Few steps that can make assured your buyer about you

  1. Export Mandatory Registration – A lot of start up in export business start their business without mandatory export business documents and make a adverse effect on your business image. Remember, A strong business structure making assured about your business activities in mind of buyer.So always complete first your exporter registration profile.Call for profile – 7499016277,8329170378
  2. Online Availability – Exporter Web Profile – Now in this digital world everything is available online even your business information also but still we are lack in the process and most of start up never tried to online business availability. Remember specially in export business your online presence is much more important than other thing. Your social structure and your export business website is important thing.
  3. Export Business Structure – A strong business structure provide a back bone support with export buyer while the time of dealing.
  4. Export Business Skills – If you dont know about how to represent your product in front of buyer than its very hard to make good impact on buyer mind. So your personal skills and business skills is very much important for export business in advance payment.
  5. Export marketing Skills – Many times we have arrange everything but at last of dealing time we lack in marketing and on that point buyer push the seller for credit. While if you have strong marketing sense than you can convert your credit deal in advance payment mode.

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