5 step to Start Cashew Nuts Export Business In India with Top Import buyer

5 step to Start Cashew Nuts Export Business In India with Top Import buyer

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5 step to Start Cashew Nuts Export Business In India with Top Import buyer

Want to Start New Export Business of Cashew Nuts From India than read this blog – 5 step to Start Cashew Nuts Export Business In India with Top Import buyer till end you will get all tips to export cashew nuts in international market.

In India, there are 8 States popular for the commercial cultivation of cashew which are Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, more than 70% of overall cashew nut production is from West Coast, Ratnagiri, North Kanara and Malabar districts in Madras, Cochin, Travancore.

If you are wish to create your own business connected to agriculture, then starting a cashew nut export business strength be your best option. If this idea sound high-quality to you—and you would like to take a power, I advice you follow these guidelines for cashew nut export business.

Product Information :

  • HS code of the Cashew Nuts is 801.
  • Cashew Nuts is mostly exported from India & VietNam.

If you want to get into cashew business first learn the Standards or Quality of the crop & then there are grades. Officially there are several Grades, but Standards is not official and it is only known by real Cashew buyers. Basically two types of Cashews are imported by traders. 1. Indian Origin Cashew and 2. Vietnamese Cashews. I will give you a basic Ideas behind two:-

  1. Indian Origin Cashew– Indian origin Cashew are cultivated in India. There are traditional seeds and there are Developed seeds but both are highly nutrition, slightly heavy than any other cashew. and Indian Cashew are not pure white and Natural white means pale white.
  2. Vietnamese Cashews :– Vietnamese cashews are not Compulsorily grown in Vietnam , they are Imported from African Countries, West Asian countries. They are pure white and there Raw Cashews seeds are hard to break. Vietnamese Cashews are Imported from theses countries and these countries use GMO seeds for plantation.

So now you know the Quality available in International Market. Both The Qualities have there customers. now will move on 5 step to Start Cashew Nuts Export Business In India with Top Import buyer.

India and Vietnam are the two largest single providers of cashew nuts, and the main suppliers to the global and European markets. The processing capacity in these two countries exceeds their crops, so they both import a lot of raw material, primarily from Africa. Raw nuts are then processed in India and Vietnam and exported as Indian or Vietnamese kernels. India processes approximately 1.59 million tonnes of cashew nuts every year, but produces only approximately half of the volume it processes. Vietnam processes around 0.9 million tonnes of cashews nuts every year.

Another major player in the cashew nut market is Brazil. The USA is the main export destination for Brazilian cashew nuts, mostly due to the short travel time and the increasing need to have just-in-time deliveries and lower stocks. Brazil processes around 0.3 million tonnes.

Cashew trees are also grown in Indonesia, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Benin, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and other countries with smaller production volumes.

Cashew nuts are mainly used in the European market roasted and salted for consumption as a snack. Industrial users have taken a recent interest in cashew nuts, using it in cookies, cereals, as a topping on ice cream and producing cashew nut butter .

The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom are currently the largest European import markets and they offer good opportunities for cashew nut exporters from developing countries. The growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe also offer good opportunities.

In India, processing of Kaju business is a manual and highly labor-intensive process. Mechanization in Kaju business is picking up gradually. Availability of raw material and optimum utilization of the plant is crucial in this Kaju Business Manufacturing.

Cashew is Dry fruit currently trending in International food industry. As Seeds have been developed to provide more crop a season, but Quality has deteriorated over the time. Cashew Industry is blooming now and people are more interested in Export than local sale. While both the modes provide basically same rates.

5 step to Start Cashew Nuts Export Business In India

1. Mandatory Export Business Registration for Cashew Processing | Documents & License

  1. Company – Firm Incorporation
  2. Import Export Certificate – IEC Code
  3. Cashew Nuts RCMC
  4. Goods & Service Tax Registration – GST
  5. MSME Registration
  6. Trade Mark Registration : Secure your brand you need to apply for a trademark.

2. On this step you need to move your export business with Website because your online availability in international market attracts more foreign buyer for your export business.

3. In this article clearly mentioned the main top buyer countries for cashew nuts. so you can start your foreign buyer search with this.

4. Always ask to your international buyer about packaging because this product mainly moisturizer product and can easily absorb so packaging is much more important in export business of cashew nuts.

5. Price and profit in cashew nuts export business depends on quality and international market approaches so before start do some market research about export market.

Require machinery and equipment used in Cashew Nut Processing Business as Manufacturer

  • Cooking Containers
  • cashew filling machine
  • Cashew Peeling Machine
  • Cooking Vessels
  • Fragments strainer
  • Hand Functioned Cutting equipment
  • Hot furnace
  • Husk Winnowing Machine
  • Multi-color Cashew Kernel Sorting Machine
  • Pieces separator
  • Sealing Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Shedding Appliance
  • Shutting Machine
  • Steam Boiler
  • Steam Pipeline
  • Steam Reservoir
  • Weighing scale

Important Things about cashew Nuts Export –

  • Apparent consumption of cashew nuts has been increasing by an average annual rate of 12% in quantity, reaching 122 thousand tonnes in 2017.
  • The largest European country in consumption of cashew nuts is Germany, which had a total consumption of 36 thousand tonnes in 2016, or an estimated 1.09 kg per capita. The Netherlands, however, is the largest European country in per capita cashew nut consumption at 1.27 kg. Other major consuming countries are the United Kingdom (16.77 thousand tonnes), France (8.65 thousand tonnes), Italy (7.06 thousand tonnes), Spain (3.49 thousand tonnes) and Sweden (2.74 thousand tonnes).
  • Cashew nut consumption as a snack is seasonal in Europe, peaking in winter months then falling towards the summer. The winter peak is connected with the Christmas and New Year holidays in European countries.
  • Over the past few years, cashew consumption has also grown as a substitute to almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios, which were in short supply and therefore more expensive.
  • In the long term, a stable increase in the consumption of cashew nuts is expected in European markets. This trend is driven by the increasing consumer awareness of the nutritional value of cashew nuts.
  • The highest growth rate in cashew nut consumption in Europe is expected in Central and Eastern European countries.

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