Imitation Jewelry Artificial Jewelry Export Business |Export Import business

Imitation Jewelry Artificial Jewelry Export Business |Export Import business

Imitation Jewelry Artificial Jewelry Export Business |Export Import business

Know today About Imitation Jewelry Artificial Jewelry Export Business |Export Import business with us.

Imitation jewelry from India is one of the most popular accessories around the world today for a reason. Indian culture celebrates color, life and extravagance and as such the jewelry worn, especially for special occasions, is supposed to be quite heavy and gorgeous.

The ornate factor is what makes it so attractive and it is also what can make or break an outfit and this is where artificial jewelry comes in handy. So easily you can do Imitation Jewelry Artificial Jewelry Export Business |Export Import business.

During wedding season, a lot of different accessories are required and they all have to be in the Indian style. Moreover, the same pieces cannot be repeated as this can be considered a serious fashion faux pas. This is why there are many wonderful options in wedding imitation jewelry, for brides and guests.

In Indian jewelry, certain styles like Thewa and Kundan have a timeless appeal and are highly appropriate for festivals and weddings. On the other hand, beads and pearls necklaces are the most trendy fashion accessories at the moment and can be worn with a wide variety of outfits.

Imitation jewellery also known as costume jewelry, junk jewelry or trinkets, is very fashionable and is mostly used for a short period of time. It is economically cheaper than other jewellery and women normally buy it accompanying different dresses and outfits. Due to its demand, imitation jewellery is often gold, platinum or silver plated and is normally made of plastic, glass, acrylic and reign.

Silver jewelry is a widely accepted choice for many buyers because of its reasonable price when compared to gold. It is an economic and fashionable choice of jewelry, in fact a designer can purchase silver and use it to create an array of unique designs.

Imitation Jewellery is the 462nd most traded product and the 812th most complex product .So as per data now you can start Imitation Jewelry Artificial Jewelry Export Business |Export Import business .

Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of jewelry during 2018.

  1. China: US$13.3 billion (12.9% of total jewelry exports)
  2. India: $12.4 billion (12%)
  3. Switzerland: $11.8 billion (11.4%)
  4. United States: $9.9 billion (9.6%)
  5. United Arab Emirates: $8.6 billion (8.3%)
  6. Hong Kong: $7.1 billion (6.9%)
  7. Italy: $7.1 billion (6.8%)
  8. France: $5.8 billion (5.6%)
  9. United Kingdom: $4.4 billion (4.3%)
  10. Turkey: $4.4 billion (4.3%)
  11. Thailand: $3.9 billion (3.7%)
  12. Singapore: $2.4 billion (2.3%)
  13. Indonesia: $2 billion (2%)
  14. Germany: $1.9 billion (1.9%)
  15. Malaysia: $1.4 billion (1.3%)

The listed 15 countries shipped 93.3% of global jewelry exports in 2018 by value.

Those countries that posted declines in their exported jewelry sales were led by: China (down -72.5%), Singapore (down -29.6%), United Arab Emirates (down -27.4%), Malaysia (down -26.6%) and United Kingdom (down -15%).

Worldwide Jewelry Exporting Top Companies

Below are jewelry companies that represent players in the worldwide jewelry market trade. Shown within parenthesis is the country where the company is based.

  • Amrapali Jewels (India)
  • Buckley Jewellery Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Curtis Australia (Australia)
  • F. Hinds (United Kingdom)
  • Fuqi International (China)
  • Gili Jewellery (India)
  • House of Chaumet (France)
  • Joyalukkas (India)
  • Links of London (United Kingdom)
  • Liquidation Channel (United States)
  • Napier Company (United States)
  • ORRA Jewellery (India)
  • Qeelin (Hong Kong)
  • Shree Ganesh Jewellery House (India)
  • Tacori (United States)
  • The Giving Keys (United States)
  • The Jewellery Channel (United Kingdom)
  • Vaibhav Global (India)
  • WonderLuk (United Kingdom)

Imitation jewelry are accessories that are made using a variety of artificial materials. It is also called ‘fashion jewelry’, perhaps because this is the jewelry type that allows people to experiment with different styles and trends in the most cost-effective way.

The expensive raw materials used to make ‘real’ jewelry raises the cost of the same and this means that such pieces cannot be purchased at the start of every new season without burning a hole in the pocket. With imitation jewelry, experimentation with a wide variety of designs and styles is possible. This is what makes it a desirable fashion item in any wardrobe.

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