How a startup can start export business in India in 2019-20

How a startup can start export business in India in 2019-20 |Export Import

How a startup can start export business in India in 2019-20

In the article How a startup can start export business in India in 2019-20 |Export Import I will list-out all potential grade so read till the end.

The present system of international trade is a mix up of import-export businesses that handle everything like sale, distribution, and delivery of goods from one nation to another.

Many types of import/export businesses Available for startups. You can focus just on importing or just exporting. You can do it as a manufacturer’s representative, specializing in a certain industry, or else be an import-export merchant or export agent, which is more than a broker.

If you’re interested and want to start a business that exports products to international markets around the world, check today’s stop business export ideas.

List of 40 Most Profitable Import Export Business Ideas – Lets Go

1. Food & Agriculture Export – Any start up from India can start export business with Food and Agriculture product because its always needed and every where needed.Also India is a good reputation in international Market for Food and Agriculture Products. startup can start export business in India in 2019-20 | Export Import in this category. Read Full Article

2. Dairy – Milk & Milk Products Export Business –  The dairy – Milk & milk Product sector in India has grown remarkable development in the recent decade and now India is one of the highest producers of milk and unique value-added milk products in the world.

3. Meat & Processed Meat Export Business: Indian buffalo meat is the highest demanded in international markets due to its quality and organic nature.  The demand for Indian buffalo meat in the international market has blazed the fastest increase in meat exports. Buffalo meat dominated the exports with a contribution of over 89.08% in total Animal Meat Products export from India. Read Full Article

Read Full Article – How to Start Meat & Processed Meat Export Business in india | Export Meat – Click Here :

4. Natural Honey – Raw Honey Export Business : India is the biggest Honey Exporter .USA is the top importer of Honey from India.New Bee Farming work and Honey Export is also Good idea for new startup export business. startup can start export business in India in 2019-20 | Export Import with this product. Read Full…

5. Jewelry – Imitation Jewelry Export Business: India is a top big player for Jewelry Export. Imitation jewelry from India is one of the most popular products around the world. Our Indian culture celebrates a variety of colors, life, and unique touch and as such the jewelry is worn, especially for special festive occasions, is to be quite heavy and gorgeous. GJEPC is the apex – Export Promotion Council body of the gems & jewelry industry and today it has registered almost 6,000 exporters in the sector. With one headquarters in Mumbai, the GJEPC has many Regional Offices in New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Surat, and Jaipur, all of which are major centers for the industry. Read Full

6. Leather Item Export Business: India ranked first top livestock care & holding nations in the world and that’s why the raw materials quality is better The leather sector is amongst the top 8 export profit business for the country.So you can think for this also.

7. Pharmaceutical Products Export :  Many Under Developing Countries depending on India for this Pharmaceutical sector.So any one who want to start export business can choose this product.Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council (PHARMEXCIL) provide services to the international trade of pharmaceutical products. With Pharma RCMC, you can avail several benefits from the council.

8. Beauty Product Herbal Product Exports Business: Everyone want to look Smart and beautiful As a startup exporter you can start an export business and can export beauty products like face tonic, cosmetics, hair care, and skincare items. #India Means Quality – India Means a variety of products.Whole world each and single person want to look smart and this article will give you a clear idea about 3+ Tips How to Start Natural Herbal & Skin Care Export Business To World Click Here

9. Clothing Readymade Garments Exports Business: Garment is always high up choice because latest trends and quality always matter for wearing. India is the world’s second-largest exporter of textiles and Readymade Garments apparels, with a Super Quality raw material and manufacturing base. The Apparels – Readymade Garments industry is a rapid growing contributor to the economy, both in business terms of its domestic share and exports. . startup can start export business in India in 2019-20 | Export ImportRead Full Article Click Here

10. Machinery Exports Business :

11. Transportation Equipment Exports Business :

12. Medical Equipment Exports Business :

13. Electrical Equipment Exports Business :

14. Plastic Products & Plastic Exports Business :

15. Handmade Product Handicraft Exports Business : Handicraft – A big sector of Indian Export Industry . The fast-growing demand for Indian handicraft ,Unique Gifts Items as products have made this sector a biggest large scale organized export industry that is rapidly growing day by day. The most popular crafts, include metalware Handicraft, earthenware Handicraft , pottery Handicraft , sculpting Handicraft , woodwork Handicraft , hand-printed textiles and scarves Handicraft , embroidered and crocheted goods Handicraft , shawls Handicraft , zari Handicraft products, stone carving Handicraft and imitation jewelry. Read Full Article

16 . Raw Cashew – Dry fruits Export Business : Want to Start New Export Business of Cashew Nuts From India than read this blog – 5 step to Start Cashew Nuts Export Business In India with Top Import buyer till end you will get all tips to export cashew nuts in international market. Read Full Article

17. Natural Spice – Organic Spices – Raw Spices Export Business : Want to start New Export Business of Spices – read in this article How to Start Export business of Spices | Organic Spices & Raw Spice India . Indian Spices Export Market is the world’s largest Export Spices producer, consumer and exporter of spices; the country produces about 80 of the 110 varieties listed by the many International Organization including International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and accounts for half of the global trading in spices. Read Full Article

18. Sunflower Seeds & Oil Export Business :

19 . Transport Equipment Export Business :

20 . Construction Products Exports Business :

21 . Engineering Products Exports Business :

22. Information Technology Service Exports Business :

23. Website Design – Logo Design Services Export Business :

24. Financial Products and services Export Business :

25. Computer and gadgets Product Export Business :

26 . Baby Care Product Export Business :

27. Women care Product Export Business :

28 . Sexual addon Product Export Business :

29 .Car – Moter – Vehicle Export Business :

30 . Tobacco Product Export Business :

31. Woolen Yarn & Fabric product Export Business :

32. Pulp or Wood Product Export Business

33. Petroleum Product Export Business :

34. Natural Rubber Export Business :

35. Tea Export Business :

36. Business Consultancy Service Business :

37 . Educational Services Business :

38. Language Translator – Content Service Export Business :

39. Hotel – Tourist Guide Service Business :

40. Professional Services Export Business :

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