Cardamom Export Business Idea 2023 | Cardamom Business Idea

Cardamom Export Business Idea 2023 | Cardamom Business Idea

Cardamom Export Business Idea 2023 | Cardamom Business Idea

Cardamom is the best startup product with a low investment business idea in 2023 and in this article, I will share with you Cardamom Export Business Idea 2023 | Cardamom Business Idea so read the full vlog.#export #exportbusiness #cardamomexport #इलायची #chetankumarverma

India produces a wide range of spices and holds a prominent position in world spice production. Because of the varying climates – from tropical to sub-tropical to temperate-almost all spices grow splendidly in India. In reality, almost all the states and union territories of India grow one or the other spices. Under the act of Parliament, a total of 52 spices are brought under the purview of the Spices Board. However, 109 spices are notified in the ISO list which includes cardamom. Furthermore, India is known for its two types of cardamom which are small – Cardamom And Large Cardamom.

In India, small cardamoms are produced in

  1. Kerala
  2. Karnataka
  3. and Tamil Nadu State

Small cardamoms plantation were reported at 70,080 Ha of the 3 states above with Kerala State being reported with the largest planting area, amounting to 39,680 Ha followed by Karnataka States with 25,240 Ha and Tami Nadu with 5,160 Ha. Furthermore, similar to small cardamom, large cardamom was also widely cultivated in India, in the same period, large cardamoms were mostly produced in Sikkim and West Bengal State.

Important Documents for Spices Import Export Business From India–

  1. Company – Firm Incorporation
  2. Import Export Certificate – IEC Code
  3. Spice Board – RCMC
  4. Goods & Service Tax Registration – GST
  5. MSME Registration
  6. Trade Mark Registration : Secure your brand you need to apply for a trademark.
  7. Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI): Spice powder is a food item so you need to get a food operation license andFSSI license which is compulsory for every food industry.

Need Information – Need an Export Consultant Call Now

  1. 7499016277 – Call For Spices Export Important Documents
  2. 9370885019 – Call For Spices Export Business Structure Buy – Sell Spices
  3. 9309565687 – Call For Spices Export Business International marketing and Spices Export Website with Digital Marketing
  4. 9529899440 – Call For Spices Export Business Dealing & International Business Setup

Cardamoms from India are widely traded in Asia, America, Europe, and Africa. In 2019, India’s top 5 Country of destinations for its cardamoms were reported to be the United Arab Emirates with 1,046 Mt, Pakistan with 502 Mt, Afghanistan with 354 Mt, the United States of America with 337 Mt, and Kuwait with 224 Mt.

Cardamom Top Export Country & Cardamom International Buyers Country

  1. Europe
  2. Africa
  3. UAE
  4. USA
  5. Kuwait

Although India is known to be one of the major cardamoms producing countries in the world, India was also reported to actively import cardamoms from other origins for the purpose of domestic consumption as well as for industry use.

If you want to know the International Price Of Cardamom Or the Export Price Of Cardamom Then Watch the Video –

Cardamom Export Business Idea 2023 | 10 हज़ार रूपए से शुरू करो व्यापार | Cardamom Low Investment Idea

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