Export Import Document – Export Promotion Council India & EPC Board

Export Import Document - Export Promotion Council India & EPC Board

Export Import Document – Export Promotion Council India & EPC Board

Important Mandatory Export Import Document – Export Promotion Council India & EPC Board details and benefits added in this article.

Export Promotion Council Board a path for start-up Exporters because EPC provides various benefits for all those become registered members of the export promotion councils.

Here In India 35 types of export promotion councils and Export board available for help startup exporters including the basic guideline about how to start export from India and how you can get international buyers for your product export.

EPC export promotion councils is a platform for startup exporters to enhance the export business by way of various tools like Tradefair in India and outside India, Members meeting, etc.

So now we will try to understand all EPC IndiaList Of Export Promotion Council Of India

  1. Food and Agriculture product Export From IndiaApeda RCMC Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority
  2. Readymade garments product Export From India- Apparel EPC RCMC Apparel Export Promotion Council
  3. Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics product Export from India: EPC RCMC Basic Chemicals Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetic Export Promotion Council
  4. Carpet Product Export From India Carpet EPC RCMC: CARPET EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL
  5. CASHEW EXPORT From INDIA – Cashew EPC RCMC Cashew Export Promotion Council of India
  6. Export of Chemical and Allied Products from India – Chemical EPC RCMC Chemicals and Allied Products Export Promotion Council
  7. Export of Cofee from India – Coffee EPC RCMCCoffee Board
  8. Natural Indian Coir products Export – Coir EPC RCMC Coir Board
  9. Export of Coconut Product From India – Coconut EPC RCMCCoconut Development Board  
  10. Cotton textiles Product Export from India – Textile EPC RCMCCotton Textiles Export Promotion Council
  11. Export Leather Product From India – Leather EPC RCMCCouncil for Leather Exports
  12. Export of Engineering Technologies product from India – Engineering EPC RCMC Engineering Export Promotion Council
  13. Export of Electronic or Computer Software from India – Computer Software EPC RCMC Electronics & Computer Software Export Promotion Council
  14. Export of Handicrafts Product from India – Handicraft EPC RCMCExport Promotion Council for Handicrafts
  15. Export of Gem & Jewelry Product From India – Jewelry EPC RCMCGem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council
  16. Export of Handloom Product from India – Handloom EPC RCMCHandloom Export Promotion Council
  17. Export of Silk Product From India – Silk EPC RCMC Indian Silk Export Promotion Council
  18. Export of Oilseeds Products from India – Oilseeds EPC RCMC Indian Oilseeds & Produce Exporters Association EPC (IOPEA)
  19. Export of Jute Product from India – Jute EPC RCMC Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council – (JPDEPC)
  20. Export of Fish & marine product from India – Fish EPC RCMC Marine Products Export Development Authority
  21. Export of Project From India – Project EPC RCMCProject Exports Promotion Council of India
  22. Export of Plastic Product From India – Plastic EPC RCMCThe Plastics Export Promotion Council
  23. Export of Powerloom Product From India – Powerloom EPC RCMCPowerloom Dev. and Export Promotion Council
  24. Export of Pharmaceutical Product From India – Medical EPC RCMCPharmaceutical Export Promotion Council
  25. Export of Rubber Product form India – Rubber EPC RCMCRubber Board
  26. Export of Services from India – Service EPC RCMCService Export Promotion Council
  27. Export of Shellac product from India – Shellac EPC RCMCShellac Export Promotion Council
  28. Export of Natural Spices from India – Spices EPC RCMCSpices Board
  29. Export of Sports product from India – Sports EPC RCMCSports Goods Export Promotion Council
  30. Export of synthetic product from India – Synthetic EPC RCMCSynthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council
  31. Export of Natural Tea – Green tea Product from India – TEA EPC RCMC Tea Board
  32. Export of Telecom Equipment product from India – Telecom EPC RCMC Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC)  
  33. Export of Tobacco Product from India – Tobacco EPC RCMC Tobacco Board
  34. Export of Woollen Product from India – Woollen EPC RCMCWool and Woollen Export Promotion Council
  35. Export of Wool Product from India – Wool EPC RCMC Wool Industry Export Promotion Council

Benefits / Advantage of Export Promotion Councils of India –

  • International Buyer Data
  • Buyer – Seller Meet
  • Tradefair In India
  • International Tradefair for buyer-seller meet
  • Concessions in Airfare for International Tradefair
  • Export Seminars
  • Export Business Education
  • Export Product related Publication
  • Export News Updates
  • Research & Development about Export Product
  • Export Product Market Research and Data
  • Visa Recommendation for Exporter
  • Award – Certification for Export Grow up

So As a list, you can see the main advantage of the Export promotion council of India for registered members. Now don’t miss your chance to be a registered member of your desire export product councils and take benefits of that.

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