Spices Export Business Training & Course | How To Start Spices Export

Spices Export Business Training & Course How To Start Spices Export

Spices Export Business Training & Course | How To Start Spices Export

Spices are the king product for every startup who wants to start an import-export business from India and today, in this blog I will share with you every single step about spices export. Well, it’s Spices Export Business Training & Course | How To Start Spices Export so read the blog till the end.

India is the world’s largest producer and consumer of spices and for a very long time has been among the leading spice exporting countries. Upwards of three million Indian smallholder households produce spices and hundreds of thousands of others are involved in spice processing, distribution, and trade. India is unique among the world’s major spice exporting countries in that the bulk of its spice production is used in the domestic market. While the value of Indian spice exports has been $300-400 million in recent years, the estimated domestic retail value of spices in India is some $4 billion.

The global spice trade was initiated with the introduction of pepper across the world, hence it is often referred to as the “King of Spices”. Similarly, because of its dominance in the world market, Cardamom is often referred to as the “Queen of spices”. Pepper is the most traded product in the world because of its aroma and flavor.

Export Highlights and Key Markets
1. During FY19, a total of 1.10 million tonnes of spices and spice products valued at US$ 2.80 billion were exported from the country as against 1.02 million tonnes valued at US$ 2.78 billion in FY18, registering an increase of 7% in volume.
2. The top 10 importers of Indian spices in FY19 were the US, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Thailand, UK, UAE, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.
3. During FY19, the top 10 exported spice products in terms of value were Chilli Powder, Mint products, Spice Oils & Oleoresins, Cumin, Turmeric, Pepper, Curry Powder/Paste, Cardamom Seeds, Tamarind, Asafoetida, Cassia, and Garlic.

Is the spice Export business profitable in India? India is a leading producer and exporter of Spices, thus starting a spices export business in India is a very profitable international business option. … Also, anyone can start this export business; even from home, you can start a spice export business, and it’s always very profitable.

Knowledge is the key to success especially when you are thinking about starting a new export-import business and here you will know how we can help you through Spices Export Business Training & Course | How To Start Spices Export.

India’s First Spices Export Business Video Short course and you will get complete step 2 step process and after this course, you can easily start your own spices export business from India.

What you will get in this course – Included Topics

  • 1. Indian Spices & History
  • 2. Steps How To Start Spices Export
  • 3. Top International Buyer Countries For Spices
  • 4. Online HS Code Finder System
  • 5. How To Create Your Own Buyer Data Bank & Genuine Export Buyer Finder
  • 6. Learn How To Search International Buyer
  • 7. State Wise Spices Production in India Know-How
  • 8. Important Documents For Spices Export Business
  • 9. International payment Terms – Best Payment Mode For Export
  • 10. Incoterms & Shipping
  • Ebook – Spices Planner – Blueprint For Your Success

A complete guide about spices export business from India and after this short course you will get a complete clear conceptual view about spices export from India.

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Free Spices Export Planner | How To Start Spices Export From India | Get Genuine Real Spices Buyer

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