Digital Signature Certificate for filing Customs documents Remote EDI

Digital Signature Certificate for filing Customs documents Remote EDI

Digital Signature Certificate for filing Customs documents Remote EDI

Digital Signature Certificate for filing Customs document EDI through RES
1. Directorate of System is in the process of implementing use of Digital Signature Certificate for filing Customs documents ( You can Say ICEGATE Digital Signature Certificate ) through Remote EDI System (RES) like Bills of Entry, Shipping Bills, IGM, EGM, CGM etc.

Remote EDI System (RES), is windows based series of packages which facilitates the Custom House Agents / Importers / Exporters in preparation of Bill of Entry, Shipping Bill, Import Report, Export Report, Consol Manifest declarations in the format acceptable to ICES for remote submission at Customs House.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) makes transfer of customs documents faster and easier. Documents such as Bills of Entry, Shipping Bills, Import General Manifest (IGM), Export General Manifest (EGM) and Consol General Manifest (CGM) can be transferred through Remote EDI System (RES). In order to secure these transactions, implementation of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) has been made mandatory. With effect from 01.05.2015, all online customs documents filing must be digitally signed with class 3 digital signature certificates at ICEGATE.

2. All Importers, Exporters, Customs Brokers, Shipping Lines, Airlines or their agents who are authorized to file document (BE/SB/IGM/EGM/CGM etc.) through Remote EDI System (RES) are advised to use valid Class – III Digital Signature Certificate issued by any Certifying Authority (CA) and sign documents with the help of web-based Common Signer Component available at ICEGATE website. It is important to mention here that use of Digital Signature Certificate for filing Customs documents may be made mandatory very soon.

3. Keeping in view the different platforms of RES utilities deployed by users and to avoid delay in submission of documents at ICEGATE, web-based Common Signer utility access has been provided to the users across the country free of cost through ICEGATE website for signing all the Customs Documents.

The Common Signer utility however would be developed & installed at CA’s website. The following are the key parameters of the common signer utility:
• Web-based Common Signer freely available to all the users through ICEGATE portal supported by M/s (n) Code solutions.
• It is a platform independent and verifies user’s DSC validity, online CRL checks etc. at the time of signing.
• This component may be used with any valid Class – III DSC issued by any CA under

4. On receiving the digitally signed documents the ICEGATE server side verifier shall verify the user’s credentials, validity of certificate, CAs credentials, Public Key, CRL status and Hash Value of certificate and integrated the data with ICES database.

5. In case the users face any issue in signing the documents they may contact at following
numbers or may e-mail at the e-mail ID specified below:
Phone Numbers Email Ids
i. 1800 301 1000
ii. 1800 233 1010
ii. (10 AM to 6 PM
on working days)

6. It is envisaged that implementation of Digital Signature for individual users shall bring
following benefits to the trade and customs brokers:
 Authenticity of users and credentials of ACP clients etc. or reputed
importers/exporter shall not be compromised.
 It will maintain Integrity of data transmitted electronically.
 It will ensure Non Repudiation of information at letter stage.
 It will prevent impersonation and frauds.

Get Digital Signature for ICEGATE  Easily and Smoothly. As per the latest notification of CBEC, Digital Signature for filing documents on ICEGATE [Indian Customs Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange (EC/EDI) Gateway] portal.ICEGATE + E-tendering DSC Price with USB Token.

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