2 Type Methods To Start Export Business | Direct Export | Indirect Export

2 Type Methods To Start Export Business | Direct Export | Indirect Export

2 Type Methods To Start Export Business | Direct Export | Indirect Export

We all knows about export but its entry root for anyone who wants to enter in export business and here you will learn 2 Type Methods To Start Export Business | Direct Export | Indirect Export – read till end

The most common methods of export goods are indirect Export selling and direct Export selling. The two most common methods of exporting are indirect and direct selling. This article discusses Methods of Exporting and Types of Export.

In the first method of export business startup, another company is responsible for finding export buyers, shipping the export product, and getting paid.

In the second method of export business, your company deals directly with foreign buyers and customers. There are numerous variations on both methods.

. In indirect selling, an export intermediary normally assumes responsibility for finding overseas buyers, shipping products, and getting paid. In direct selling, the producer deals directly with a foreign buyer.

The main consideration in determining whether to export goods indirectly or directly is the level of resources a company is willing to devote to its international marketing effort. These are some other factors to consider when deciding whether to market indirectly or directly:

  • The size of the Export firm/Company.
  • The nature of its Export products.
  • Previous export business experience and expertise.
  • Business conditions in the selected overseas markets.

Start up way for export businessindirect and direct exporting is by the level of active involvement of your export company. At one end of the scale, you may simply fill orders from domestic buyers who then export your products to foreign buyers or to international level.


  • Export Business Commission Agents
  • Export Business Management Companies
  • Export Business trading companies
  • Export agents, merchants, or re-marketers
  • Piggyback marketing
  • Export Business Marketing Management
  • Export Business Buyer Management
  • Overseas Agent – Sourcing Agent


The main advantages of direct exporting for a company include more control over the export process, potentially higher profits in export deals, and a closer relationship to the International – overseas buyer and Export marketplace.

  • Organizing for exporting
  • Export Business Sales representatives
  • Export Business Agents
  • Export Business Distributors
  • Export Business Foreign retailers
  • Export Business Direct sales to end users
  • Locating foreign representatives and buyers

In My upcoming articles i will cover all above Methods Direct Exporting as well as Indirect Exporting one by one so you can learn more about export business deeply.

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