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buyer for Indian export product

Every Indian start up exporter business needs buyer for Indian export product outside the country.

Finding foreign export buyers for your product can be a unique challenge. This article has five strategies to find export buyers and grow your company.

Right method to find overseas buyers for export of any product with the aid of internet and online system with help of exporter business profile website.

Many foreign countries have state-sponsored or state-controlled companies—called trading companies—which import products, usually in bulk orders. Do your homework and identify countries you believe your export would be great for, then contact their embassy in the U.S. or their agency directly in their own country.

United States-based embassies usually have a representative who can help you, and they almost always speak English.
Different agencies are going to specialize in different imports, such as raw materials, agriculture, electronic/IT equipment and more. Having a foreign representative on your side can help you find exactly who you need to be in contact with.